Antioxidants Properties in Alkaline Ionized Water

Antioxidants Properties in Alkaline Ionized Water and its Benefits

Alkaline Ionized water has many amazing properties which are beneficial for our body. Out of its several properties, one is the Antioxidant properties which neutralize the harmful oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide and prevents several diseases and premature aging.

Recent clinical studies conducted on antioxidant properties of alkaline water has shown that it has a sparing effect on the body’s antioxidant enzymes. The more the antioxidant enzyme levels the better it is for our body,

A recent clinical testing has shown that people who drink alkaline ionized water have more level of antioxidant enzymes than who don’t drink it. The antioxidants present in ionized water are the same antioxidants or you can say the vitamins like C, E, A which are present in apple and green tea.

How Alkaline Water Get Antioxidant Potential?

The reason alkaline ionized water has its antioxidants properties is that of elevated levels of Hydroxyl ion. The water ionizers remove the harmful acidic bicarbonates from the tap water through electrolysis and convert it into Hydroxyl ion.

Tap water has mineral carbonates like calcium and magnesium carbonates which gives water its acidic properties, while both magnesium and calcium are beneficial for health. Thus the water ionizers remove the acidic components (CO2) from tap water and it allows magnesium & calcium to react with water molecules and as a result, hydroxyl ions are created.

This ionized alkaline water has all the similar properties as the “Artesian Spring Water” which is rich in hydroxyl ion and has many health benefits for our bodies. It means you can enjoy the benefits of ‘Artesian Spring Water’ without going to springs like Nordeneau.

How is Tap Water Ionized in Water Ionizers?

Waters ionizers use a simple electromagnetic process which is known as ‘Electrolysis’ or ‘Electrodialysis.’ With the help of this process, the ionizers split tap water into different streams: one with dissolved carbonate components, the acidic water and the other one with rich minerals like calcium and magnesium the alkaline water.

What are the Benefits of Antioxidants Enriched Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has many benefits for our body and its mechanisms. Unlike the tap water, it only contains healthy minerals like magnesium, calcium and hydroxyl ions. All these minerals and ions balance the pH level of our body which shows incredible results.

Because the antioxidants of ionized water are similar to those of present in apple, therefore the benefits of ionized water are also similar to eating an apple. As the antioxidants present in apple are good for your skin, nutrition, reduces obesity and risk of breast cancer, the antioxidant present in ionized water works the same.

Some of the benefits of Alkaline Water with Antioxidant properties are listed below:

  1. Reversal of Aging Effects: Due to the presence of hydroxyl ions in alkaline water, a normal intake of 8 glass every day is very effective to reverse few of the aging effects.
  2. Balanced pH: It increases the pH level of the body and which is good for healthy skin and hair.
  3. Improved Hydration: Alkaline water hydrates and re-hydrates your body quickly as well as improve & retain body hydration.
  4. Improved and Effective Immune System: As alkaline water has high levels of antioxidant minerals like hydroxyl ions, therefore it is very beneficial for our immune system. It improves the immunity and makes our immune system strong.
  5. Better Digestive System: The antioxidants in alkaline water also improve the digestive system, and good for our diet.
  6. Weight Loss: Alkaline water improves the digestion and helps to reduce weight.

Tip: To have more effective results of alkaline water, squeeze a lemon in it to add Vitamin C. Alkaline water combined with vitamin C not only helps you with weight reduction but also improves your digestion and it’s good for your skin and hair.

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