How does Water Ionizer Work?

What water ionizers do:

Water ionizers work by using the principle of “electromagnetism” Water Ionizers convert ordinary tap water into ionized alkaline water with acid-fighting properties and antioxidant potential.

Plain water is a mix of alkaline minerals and dissolved CO2.

A water ionizer works by separating the carbonate from tap water. The alkaline minerals and the acidic carbonate ion are discharged in separate streams of water.

By separating the alkaline elements from the acidic elements in tap water, a water ionizer enables you to get the benefit of the alkaline minerals in your water like calcium and magnesium. These alkaline minerals, once freed of the carbonate result in increased antioxidant potential and acid fighting alkalinity.

The Process of Electro Dialysis (ED)

Inside a Water Ionizer, the water is made to pass through semi-permeable charged plates, under the influence of an applied electric potential difference.

That membrane allows energetically charged atoms and molecules – called ions – to pass through. Hence the alkaline minerals (positively charged) and carbonate ions (negatively charged) in water, both being charged, pass through the membrane. It doesn’t allow energetically neutral atoms and molecules to pass through. Whereas, water molecules being energetically neutral, don’t pass through the membrane.

The electromagnetically charged plates in a water ionizer separate those ions. The positively charged alkaline mineral ions are attracted to the negative plates. The acidic carbonate is attracted to the positively charged plates. The ion-permeable membrane allows both the positively charged alkaline mineral ions, and the negatively charged carbonate ions to pass through it, which then separates these ions into two chambers.

The two streams of water

Once separated into two chambers, these acidic and alkaline ions, both react with the water that’s inside each chamber to make alkaline and acidic waters.

Each type of water is discharged through two separate streams coming out of the water ionizer;

The alkaline minerals are discharged in the alkaline stream as alkaline mineral water.

The acidic carbonate is discharged in the acidic water stream as a solution of carbonic acid (CO2 and Water).

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