Micro-clustering Properties of Alkaline Water

Micro-clustering Properties of Alkaline Water and its Benefits

Out of many miracles of life, water is one, which is vital and essential for life on Earth. Because of its importance in life, many shreds of researches and studies have been conducted on its chemical properties which showed that water has complex properties. Not only have this, but studies have also shown that all water is not the same.
Water like Alkaline Ionized Water has different chemical properties which are more beneficial and healthy for the human body as compared to simple tap water. One of such properties of alkaline water that makes it different from tap water is its ‘Micro-clustering’ properties.

What is meant by Micro-clustering of Alkaline Ionized Water?

Micro-clustered alkaline ionized or structured alkaline ionized means water with smaller hydrogen and oxygen molecules or which has circular oxygen and hydrogen molecules. Usually, a water molecule from tap water is made up of hydrogen (1) and oxygen (2) atoms contain up to 13 large clusters of water molecules.
These large clusters of water molecules reduce the longing to drink water. It means after drinking a glass of water your body will not feel the need to drink water for a long time because of large clustered water molecules which are utilized in the hydration process.

On the other hand, a micro-clustered ionized water contains 5 to 6 small H2O clusters. These micro-clusters makes water more hydration, permeable and soluble. Your body will require you to drink water more often and makes the hydration process faster. Due to the sufficient amount of water your body cells will absorb essential nutrients & minerals at a rapid rate.

The high permeability of micro-clustered alkaline water hydrates your body cells with-in seconds and prevents bloating. You can also convert your simple, larger clustered water into micro-clustered ionized water by using ionizing gadgets such as ‘Water Ionizers’ that works on the electromagnetic process of electrolysis.

Why Should You Drink Micro-Clustered Ionized Water?

In an independent study conducted by the ‘Chinese Health care Science & Technology’ it is shown that around 60% of people who drinks micro-clustered ionized water has ten times better cellular hydration level as compared to those who drink tap water.

This micro-clustered water has many healthy physical & mental benefits. Some of which are listed below:

1. Enhanced Mental Clarity: As our brain requires a high level of hydration to work properly, therefore, drinking micro-clustered ionized water improves our mental clarity and brain functioning.


2. Improved Healing: Due to increased hydration (availability of water) cells in our body interact better with each other. Thus this improved interaction of cells fastens the body’s healing & repair systems.

3. Improved and Enhanced Mineral Transportation: Our cells absorb minerals and nutrients via osmosis which requires water. Also, water also transports oxygen in our cells and body, hence micro-clustered water improves the absorption and transportation of minerals and nutrients in our body.

4. Body Detoxification: Our kidneys work efficiently and better insufficiently hydrated environment. It means the more water our body will have, the more toxins and wastes our kidneys remove from the body. Improved body detoxification is good for improved health.

5.Beneficial for High Intensity Workout: Micro-clustering properties of ionized has proven very beneficial for gymnasts to relief muscle fatigue during high intensity work out.

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