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Today’s drinking water is not the same as 100 years ago. Our water is continually recycled and treated with many chemicals on a regular basis which has left our water lifeless. Every time we add chemicals to clean the water we reduce the minerals in our bodies need such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Water is a gift of Nature, yet over time humans have severely altered its purity through growth and industrialization. Water coming into our homes has contaminants like pollution, chemicals, and hazardous cleaning agents. At Hyon, we aim to create awareness about what is in water and to educate how to eliminate the toxicity.

Water is life, Drink Deeply!

Water is the operating system of our body, 99% of all molecular interactions in our body occur through water only. Despite the climate we live in, fluid intake is essential for maintaining hydration on a daily basis.

Water has a number of functions within the body, circulation of nutrients around the body, the removal of waste products and, very importantly, helping to keep our body temperature stable. The human body consists of approximately 55 to 65% water and it is found in all parts of the body. Muscles are made up of approximately 70% water and it also makes up a large part of our blood.

Importance of Water in Human Body

Water is essential for cells to function properly, it is at the heart of life. This is why a human being can survive no longer than few days without water. Water makes up a majority of our body weight and is involved in many important functions such as

  • Helps you to Detoxify/Energize you from within
  • Keeps you Hydrated, therefore prevents overall dehydration
  • Provides you Antioxidants(ORP Level)
  • Energize you from within by providing essentials minerals

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Properties of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has a pH level higher than regular drinking water. Because of its alkalinity, it has the ability to neutralize sour solutions. It is rich in alkalizing compounds, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica, and bicarbonate. Its alkalinity and antioxidant-rich properties are the result of this high mineral content, where the minerals exist as negatively-charged ions in the water.

Our IC Technology not only makes the water alkaline which helps fight free radicals and lowers acid level in the body but also enriches it with natural mineralization process. Hyon water is less acidic than regular tap water. Its rich in alkalizing compounds like calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium and bicarbonate. Including Hyon water in regular intake helps avoid many health problems like acidity, constipation, stomach flu and fatal diseases like arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, thyroid.



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